Welcome to our gallery of original paintings and photographs.

This collection is a combination of digital paintings and photographs by Jan and Colin Clarke and reproductions of classic posters from the 19th and early 20th centuries.

All images are gallery quality prints on canvas stretched over timber frames. These stretched images are ready to hang. We can also supply our images un-stretched, either on canvas or satin photographic paper. A protective coating applied to the image increases the life of the print to 100 years indoors.

Jan Clarke is a painter and photographer who transitioned from water colours to the less traditional digital art medium. She uses image editing software to create the picture she wants to paint then paints the image using artist’s software and a pressure sensitive pen and graphics tablet. Prints of her work are limited to a maximum of 50 for each image. She now has work in private collections in Australia, USA, France, Germany, Canada, the UK and New Zealand.

Colin Clarke is a photographer who has moved to high quality printing to reproduce his work. His interest in classic posters, old cars and roses has led to the collection we now offer.

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