Your Images on Canvas

We are often asked to put a customer’s image on canvas, a straightforward process provided the image is suitable. Your image can be a slide or negative on film, a print on paper, or a digital file from your camera. Every image is examined before printing to ensure you get the best possible result. If you wish we will remove any blemishes or scratches, correct colour, adjust for poor exposure and straighten the horizon. These services are often included in our standard price.

If a treasured image is old or very damaged we can restore it and present you with a much improved print. We enjoy nothing more than bringing an important image back to life. Please ask us for a quote on restoration work.

Because customer images come in many formats it’s best to email us with your request and we will give you a quote detailing suitable sizes and prices.

Provided your image is in good condition, our charge is similar to what we charge for our own work as listed on our pricing page.

Phone: 0418 569 769
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